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For 90% of people living in emerging markets, the promise of high-speed internet is a pipe dream. They have limited cellular data budgets and no wireline internet. Their access to data is limited to the most basic functionality. They are not able to participate in the rich data experience of the 10% who has real-time access to virtually any service available at their fingertips.

At Migo, we level the digital playing field for 3 billion consumers by bringing the best bits of the internet to the corner store. Our disruptive tech solution, created by Kindle tech inventor Barrett Comiskey, provides affordable access to Entertainment, Education, Financial Services, and other digital products and services. Backed by Temasek, blue-chip VCs and key industry insiders, Migo delivers data up to 100 times cheaper than existing networks, and that cost advantage is growing. This allows us to deliver unlimited data consumption to mass market consumers at sachet (pre-paid, small denomination) price points.

We launched in Indonesia in 2020 and currently have 500 MDS locations and are rapidly scaling. In September 2021, MNC Vision Networks (MVN), a subsidiary of leading media conglomerate MNC Group, invested $40 million for a minority stake in Migo Indonesia, accelerating our rollout to reach 100 million Indonesians across Java, the world’s most populous island, by 2022.

Bersiap untuk belajar dan bergabung dengan team Teknisi Migo yang Dinamis?

Gambaran Pekerjaan :

Tim Operations Migo memiliki misi untuk menyiapkan Migo Download Station (MDS) yang berkualitas dan mengoperasikannya hingga dapat bermanfaat bagi konsumen. Sebagai teknisi lapangan, kamu akan bertanggung jawab melakukan instalasi dan maintenance perangkat MDS di lokasi-lokasi yang telah ditentukan. Peranmu amat vital dalam pertumbuhan Migo dengan eksekusi yang efisien di lapangan. Keberhasilanmu nantinya tidak hanya didukung oleh latar belakang kemampuan teknis, tetapi juga kemampuan beradaptasi yang cepat, fleksibel, dan berorientasi pada proses.

Tanggung Jawab

  • Melakukan penilaian teknis, pemasangan, dan pemeliharaan MDS (Migo Download Station) , serta melakukan update konten secara tepat waktu dan efisien dengan mengikuti SOP
  • Melakukan troubleshooting hardware untuk mendiagnosa dan mengatasi masalah yang terjadi pada peralatan MDS
  • Melakukan pemeriksaan secara rutin dan melakukan pemeliharaan pada peralatan MDS yang telah terpasang


  • Lulusan SMK di bidang klistrikan, elektronik, teknologi informasi, servis perangkat keras, komputer dan jaringan, atau bidang lain yang terkait.
  • Familiar dengan komponen elektronik dan kelistrikan
  • Memiliki pengetahuan instalasi hardware, maintenance dan layanan teknis lainnya
  • Mengikuti prosedur dan instruksi operasi
  • Mudah beradaptasi dan perhatian pada hal detail
  • Mampu mengendarai sepeda motor dan memiliki SIM C
  • Bersedia melakukan magang kerja lapangan di berbagai wilayah Jakarta
  • Bersedia mengikuti magang selama 6 bulan

Why join us?

Simple: We bring joy and transformation not only to Emerging Markets but to you, too.

Being an Imagineer means breaking boundaries by imagining, designing, building, and developing innovation to transform lives. Here in Migo, we aren’t just employees. We are Leaders, Caring, Relentless, Innovators, Always Improving, and we carry this in every action as we work together as one team towards one goal.

We change the world. Our passion for solving problems fuels us to continue challenging social norms and rebalancing accessibility for everyone. We dream big yet execute simply.

We don’t fear failure. Rather, we take those as an opportunity to improve. We move as one borderless team and build ideas together. Your inputs are valued because all of us are innovators: we believe that our endless curiosity while learning from each other builds the next best thing.

We unlock your full potential by being surrounded by a vast diversity of cultures and perspectives. You will be mentored by experts and fellow leaders through knowledge sharing and through fast and straightforward feedback. You will be empowered to grow as an individual and a professional to a whole new level – because as much as you got us, we got you too.

We are Imagineers and together let’s transform the world and you.

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