Perusahaan: Jendela360

Tugas dan tanggung jawab kamu selama mengikuti program magang adalah mebuat sebuah project yakni sebuah website property, membuat konten, mengurus social media, serta mengoptimasi website.

Adapun keuntungan buat kamu mengikuti program magang dari Jendela360 adalah sebagai berikut;

  • Kamu bisa belajar membuat website berbasis WordPress (self-hosting).
  • Kamu bisa belajar menulis artikel yang SEO friendly dan juga user friendly
  • Kamu bisa belajar bagaimana cara mengoptimasi sebuah website (SEO).
  • Kamu bisa belajar mengelola social media yang baik dan memahami tren masing-masing media sosial serta mengerti bagaimana target audiens nya
  • Kamu bisa belajar tentang pengembangan startup
  • Kamu bisa belajar langsung dari inovator Jendela360, bagaimana cara pandang dan kreativitas mereka dalam menemukan jalan keluar dari setiap permasalahan yang dihadapi.

We challenge you to join our boat with goal to revolutionize the archaic, yet lucrative property industry, together with our solid, highly passionate and dedicated team. If you think you’re the right person, Let’s ride together!

Kamu mahasiswa semester akhir yang sedang cari magang? Atau kamu seorang blogger yang suka menulis dan ingin mengembangkan skill menulis kamu? Atau kamu tertarik menggali pengetahuan di bidang digital marketing? Jika iya, inilah kesempatan emas buat kamu untuk ikutan program magang dari Jendela360.

Syarat dan kriteria:

  • Mahasiswa/I semester akhir atau sedang dalam program magang dari berbagai jurusan. Terbuka untuk Fresh Graduate juga!
  • Memiliki passion dalam bidang teknologi khususnya perkembangan website/blog
  • Memiliki minat dalam menulis dan social media
  • Aktif di media sosial (baik Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, maupun Youtube)
  • Mampu membuat artikel dalam bahasa Inggris adalah poin plus.
  • Memiliki kemampuan komunikasi yang baik dan dapat bekerja sama dengan tim.
  • Dapat mengikuti program magang minimal selama 3 bulan atau selama program magang dari kampus.
  • Siap untuk melakukan kegiatan liputan apartemen.

Setelah program magang ini selesai, jika pekerjaanmu bagus selama kegiatan magang, kamu bisa dapat opportunity untuk bekerja tetap di Jendela360, loh!

Internship / OJT Sales and Marketing Commercial Real Estate 1 opening Bachelor’s degree graduate

Jendela360 is a leading apartment rental platform in Indonesia. We connect renter and apartment owner with the help of technology such as: 360 Virtual Tour and Payment processing that able to turn payment into installment up to 12x.Nowadays We see traffic jam is getting worse everywhere in the city. It would take anywhere around 2-6 hours to commute from home to working/business place EACH DAY. The current solution offered, does not solve the problem properly. not to mention the enactment of new regulations that are very restrictive, such as odd-even rules. And for one to purchase a landed house in the middle of the city, especially for the younger generation, is now nearly impossible. If We see in this point of view, We can see that Apartment living currently provide the best solution available (and will continue to do so in the future). With its location usually strategic to business center and other essential places in town. The completeness of facilities offered on the apartment. No wonder Apartment become the most favorable solution to this problem.Unfortunately, finding apartment may proved to be a very tough process, especially for the first timer. From the step of browsing and gathering all the information scattered on the web, contacting agent one by one, assessing whether the agent is trustable or not, up to negotiating price, and ultimately the heavy burden one must carry to pay 1 year upfront rental cost would be a big turn off for lots of people try to rent an apartment.We believe such a pain process, should be eliminated. By putting a higher standard, and helpful advisor to help people find an Apartment suitable for their needs, and budget. We do that by connecting them with the best agent that specialized in that area, also by giving them the touch of technology like Virtual Tour where user able to virtually walk around the apartment unit, and make sure the unit their after is favorable for them. Ultimately We give people the ease to pay by monthly-base instead of heavy upfront payment. This way Jendela360 is not only saves people time, but also solving the problem with the new superior experience!If you feel thrilled and excited reading the above description. We challenge you to join out boat with goal to revolutionize the archaic, yet lucrative property industry, together with our solid, highly passionate and dedicated team. If you think you’re the right person, Let’s ride together

Lokasi: Jakarta Barat